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Emirates Nursing Association Engagement at 1st FUH Nursing Excellence Conference

Fakeeh University Hospital Conference - Strategies For Success, Panelist Invite

The event kick off took place at Fakeeh University Hospital-FUH on 20th and 21st of September with opening and welcoming speeches from Dr. Mohaymen Abdelghany-FUH, Dr. Sumaya Mohammed Alblooshi-Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) president/Director of Nursing Department at Emirates Health Services (EHS) and Mr. Mohamad Fakih-Chief Nursing Officer, FUH. Followed with a cake-cutting ceremony in front of Fakeeh Hall to celebrate FUH Accreditation Achievement.

Dr. Sumaya Mohammed Alblooshi- ENA president/Head of National Committee for Nursing & Midwifery/Director of Nursing Department at EHS, Dubai has participated with a paper on Building a Robust Nursing Workforce in the UAE: Nursing Leadership in the UAE which highlighted nursing and midwives plays major roles toward supporting the attainment of the UAE strategic directions, being the backbone of the healthcare system, as they are critical to the delivery of essential healthcare services and strengthening healthcare system. They contribute at multiple levels nursing leaders have critical call for action to advance nursing profession

The UAE has both comprehensive, government funded health services and a rapidly

developing private healthcare sector. Also, presented the UAE strategic directions for nursing and midwifery. Moreover, displayed the role of nurses at the time of health emergencies is curial whether at policy and decision making levels or at direct care level in terms of resources planning & management, staff wellness and support, vaccination campaign, capacity and upskilling programs, Onboarding programs for new nurses at clinical, research, protocols, guidelines and services recovery and business continuity.

Finally, the engagement of leadership role in Open Communication, recognition, Empowerment in creating a sustainable practice based learning environment that enhance proactive actionable model based project implementation with constant monitoring and regular audit cycles.

In conclusion, leadership is a core competency in nursing and midwifery at all levels investment in nursing leadership is vital, all level of leaders and managers appreciation and thanks for all nurses and midwifes who continue to provide the utmost care at all the times including the time of pandemic and health emergencies with full dedication and commitment.

Finally, the conference served its platform for all nurses, management and academic nursing leaders in successful exchange of their insightful knowledge, expertise and innovative practices experienced across UAE.

There was a conference photo shoot with Dr. Sumaya Mohammed Alblooshi-ENA president/Head of National Committee for Nursing & Midwifery/Director of Nursing Department at EHS, Fakeeh hospital esteemed management, event organizers as well the honored guests participation.

Extended Appreciation to Fakeeh University Hospital management, Chief Nursing Officer and event management team especially Farhia Rageh, Domna El Zayed and Racha Abu Chahine for giving ENA this valuable opportunity to contribute and deliver a unified message and get in touch with an numerous exposure to expertise from nursing leaders at country level.


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