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Emirates Nursing Association partaking at the First Aid in Emergencies

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Hands on Practice Training...What everyone must know..!!

Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) members has contributed proactively in conducting First Aid Emergencies; Hands on Practice Training for AKMG - Association of Kirla Medical Group and their Families from the community on 03/09/2023, hosted at Bahi Ajman palace hotel-Ajman. The Objective of the event lies on participant will be able to Acknowledge the types of hazards that might occur in any setting, Able to administer immediate effective first aid to a casualty in order to save life, recognize and treat the cause and assist with preventing the emergency condition from worsening and deliver the ongoing treatment and offer constant support until the arrival of qualified medical assistance.

Every year everywhere, thousands of people die or are seriously injured in incidents. Many deaths could be prevented if first aid is given before emergency services arrive.

First aid is critical because it has the potential to save a person’s life. There are numerous medical emergencies in which time is critical. A sick or injured individual may not be able to hold on long enough for professionals to come, especially if reaching them is difficult. If someone nearby is trained in first aid, they can save the person’s life by doing CPR. After providing first aid in case of an emergency, reach out to the best trained healthcare professionals or community personals to avoid complications and saves lives.

First aid in emergencies has a crucial role in saving lives, promoting awareness and direction environment among people and thus community, offer constant support by trained persons who got awareness in case of any emergencies.

The workshop Led by ENA Members and UAQ Hospital expert Nurses

Nazik Mohamed El Hag–ENA member, Clinical Resource Nurse–Lecturer and team leader at Umm Al Quwain Hospital, Emirates Health Services (EHS).

Hands on only CPR for community (Adult, child and infants) and Managing responsive casualty with Choking practice training team delivered by Jeena George – Clinical Resource Nurse at EHS, Laila Saeed–Nurse Manager, Salwa, Amer–Nursing Supervisor, Elizabeth Shalet – Nurse Manager, Lubna Mustafa-OPD unit manager and BLS instructor, Rosemine Kiruba – Male ward Unit Manager.

Key speakers were an experts from various specialties starting from Nazik Mohamed El Hag–ENA member, Clinical Resource Nurse–Lecturer and team leader at Umm Al Quwain Hospital at EHS (Main Speaker), Dr. Vineeth Alexander-Pulmonologist–Jabal Sina Medical Center Ajman, Dr. Brijesh P Vasalan-Orthopedic Surgeon- Aster Hospital – Sharjah. Main Topics presented by Nazik discussed on Importance of First Aid during emergencies, Responsibilities of First Aider, How to prioritize causalities according to their cases, Type of different hazards, Assessing an incident, Managing unresponsive casualty, Wounds and Bleeding, Different, type of Shocks, Diabetes emergencies, Seizures, Exposure to Poisons, Bites and stings. Followed by Fractures emergencies presented by Dr. Brijesh P Vasalan. A paper delivered by Dr. Vineeth Alexander on Cardiac Arrest and Obstructed Airway. Community CPR presented by Lubna Mustafa.

Recommendation and results as an outcome from the hands on training and vital shared knowledge as follows:

Ø Participants were able to demonstrate knowledge and skills for community CPR

Ø Participants recommended to repeat the workshop for their children

Ø Participants were interested to be certified CPR providers

Ø Almost 50 participants attended the workshop with demonstration and returned demonstration achieved for all.

The 2020 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC Provides a summary of the full 2020 resuscitation guidelines. (Click on the photo)


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