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ENA acknowledgement in ecancer Medical Science Journal

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In continuation of the association efforts to support nursing research

Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) has been acknowledged for the support to the authors for conducting a conference held virtually on the 15th of November 2022, This is in continuation of ENA support for academic research across the nation. The conference titled "Celebrating oncology nursing: from adversity to opportunity". It addressed three major nursing challenges: health workforce and migration, climate change and cancer nursing within humanitarian settings. Around the world, nurses are working in situations of adversity, whether due to the ongoing pandemic, humanitarian crises such as war or floods, shortage of nurses and other health workers, and high clinical demands leading to overwork, stress and burnout.

The conference highlighted the fact that as oncology nurses, care expands beyond individual interventions for our patients and their families, to tackle wider issues, such as nurse migration, climate change and how we provide care in humanitarian settings. If we stand together as oncology nurses, speaking with one voice and working collaboratively we can and will make a difference, but we need to be prepared and educated to take that stand, to use our voice, and to speak out and make that difference.


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