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Feminine vs Masculine Energy

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Emirates Nursing Association and Emirates Health Services-Nursing Department celebrated Global Women’s Day

On the occasion of Gulf Nursing Day and Women's Day, Emirates Nursing Association and Emirates Health Services-Nursing Department celebrated Global Women’s Day, merriments of humanity’s healthier half’s contributions to the world and it is taken place at Al Rahmaniya Suburb Council in Sharjah on 8th of March. In an effort to encourage female nurses from healthcare sector, the event also, discussed a topics about the “Feminine vs Masculine Energies” by Anita Simson a Life coach, Transformational Coach, Master NLP Coach and certified Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner, relationship coach and certified psychic healer; who shared tactics and strategies for calming the mind by understanding how women are naturally designed.

The significance of the subject is addressing the oneness is the key to balancing masculine-feminine energies. Even though the two energies are opposite, it is important that they work in harmony together. They are designed to work together and not to dominate one another. Regardless of own gender or the gender we identify with, all are made of energies- masculine/feminine energy. It is viewed in this in nature as well. Masculine and feminine go in pairs, they nourish each other. This is part of the duality that makes everything in our world as Yin-Yang. The workshop focused on transmitting awareness on understanding the coexistence through: Owning your life, understanding ‘Divine Design’, knowing the relationship polarity, male and female energy assessment. It is about the energies and not the gender. The world we live in is shared by both the genders so, when we talk about feminine energy, it is equally important to understand the masculine energy. We are a sum total of both the energies. The energy that dominates is the identity of the person. Finally, the participants gained valuable experience and life skills with their active engagement in such fruitful, constructive and open exchanges throughout the event.


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