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Transformational Leadership Live Webinar

Updated: May 13

Theme "Our Nurses. Our Future. The economic power of care" (Free Live Webinar)

Emirates Nursing Association and Beyond Expert with joint collaboration to celebrate International Nurses Day (IND) and this year's theme, "Our Nurses. Our Future. The economic power of care," emphasizes the significant economic impact of nursing care and underscores the vital role nurses play in driving positive health outcomes and sustainable healthcare systems.


Let's come together to express our gratitude and appreciation for the dedication, compassion, and expertise of nurses everywhere. Join our celebrations as we honor and recognize the tireless efforts of these healthcare heroes who work tirelessly to provide quality care to individuals and communities around the world.

Join us in celebrating International Nurses Day (IND) on May 12th, commemorating the birth anniversary of the iconic Florence Nightingale! 

This global event recognizes the invaluable contributions of nurses community at worldwide and highlights their role in shaping the future of healthcare globally.

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