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ENA and UAQ Hospital Celebrates World Heart Day

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Use Heart, Know Heart

World Heart Day is celebrated by UAQ Hospital’s ENA members, various activities

were conducted to raise awareness about the heart disease and its preventive

measures to manage the cardiovascular diseases.

“World Heart Day is a reminder to everyone around the world to take care of their

hearts. This year’s campaign focuses on the essential step of knowing our hearts


The heritability of overall heart disease is low, indicating that behavioral and

environmental exposures are paramount in determining heart disease. Indeed,

pursuing and sustaining a healthier lifestyle from a young age is a successful

strategy for maintaining higher heart disease into middle age. However, one’s ability

to choose healthy lifestyles across the life course is strongly influenced by

psychological health factors and social and structural determinant.

Objective of the event covered Awareness orientation to all community about the Risk factors for heart disease, checking workers and finding who are at risk and provide health education, encourage staff and educate them about the importance of health education and community awareness, encourage healthy life style by diet and exercises.

ENA members in UAQ Hospital organized a set of activities in order to spread knowledge regrading Heart Health. The workshop for nurses Led by: UAQ H Nurses (ENA Members)

Health care workers in UAQ Hospital activity: To promote collaborative environment toward improving awareness for healthy hearts among nurses, Interprofessional educational event regarding Mega Code and Advance life support was conducted in UAQ Hospital – Lecture hall with collaboration between Intensive Care Unit ENA Member Mariamma Cherian and Anesthesiologist Dr. Iffat Quadri (Mega Code lecture) 15 staffs from different units attended the lecture.

Activity 1: Health checkup and Awareness in Mexico aluminum company

Target Group: Company labors

Activity 2: Health providers and hospital visitors Awareness

Lecturer and team leader Mariamma Cherian Intensive Care Unit ENA Member covered the topics about Importance of heart health, common abnormal heart symptoms, risk factors for heart disease, Importance of Follow up, health education regarding Medication compliance complication of Heart diseases, early recognition of stroke, how to deal in emergencies, balance Diet, healthy life style and exercise for healthy heart. Followed by a participation from ENA Members Jeena George , Ryan Dale Delos , Greeny Rani joy, Annamma Varghese , Binci , Reem Rashid , Reshma Pillai, Elizabith Shalet and Alphonsa Prince for conducting activities like vital signs check up, blood sugar, health Education for the community.

Public and visitor activity in UAQ hospital: Heart awareness given to the patients and relatives in the Out-Patient Departments, as well to the in patients units. Vital signs were checked for Cleaning Staff and Office members. Weight loss challenge competition among nurses’ staff was taking place within the activity. Winner for Weight loss challenge was announced and awarded.

Activity 3: Walkathon for the nurses and their families (Closure of the activity): Enabling nurses to experience exercises as meaningful activity to promote the culture of healthy life style. Activity included hidden outcomes that improved nurse’s wellbeing through gathering, exercising together, family activities and breaking stressful routines.

Impact of the initiative on the community: Increase the community's knowledge of the available programs support their health and organized by ENA members, in addition to the services offered in UAQ Hospital by competent nurses and health provider, Awareness expected to prevent the target group from going to heart disease complications and seek help before it is late.

In conclusion with the recommendation participants were able to demonstrate knowledge and skills, participants recommended to repeat the health education, request for BP and BS monitors to give to workers who have high BP and BS, organize staff health group that support staff health collaboratively with wellbeing committees.



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