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Your Food, Your strength

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

“Your Food, Your strength” is an initiative conducted in support from Emirates Nursing Association and Emirates Health Services in partnering with Abbott which was held at Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa

It aims to assess the nutritional status of school students in the age group from 4 to 10 years old age of public government schools and educate school students, parents or guardian and the on the importance of balanced food and physical activity to achieve personal along with student surrounding toward resilient health related environment and plays a vital role in improving and advancing the student academic progress among our dear students. The training workshop targeted school nurses in public government schools on the importance of assessment and the tool used. This initiative covered 207 public governmental schools and 52292 school students.

A successful workshop for school nurses with 192 attendees from school health nurses and student guardians impacted with positive feedback on the speakers and presentation topics and tools that are expected to greatly benefit school nurses and parents/guardian in assessing and early detection for student/children malnutrition issues and immediate actions taken to assist the concerned derived from the formulated strategies in this relation. Overall, the event had a large number of attendees and a very positive impression on their part, and as a result, we expect a significant return on our efforts and stronger access to parents.

Develop a tool to measure and assess the nutritional status of school students in the age group from 2 to 10 years old were an electronic tool containing basic information, food groups and a page to educate parents about proper food health diet intake. Leading to future planned strategies not limited to Innovative school awareness campaign for students and body weight and height measurement Awareness campaign for parent, distribution of approximately fifty advanced technological devices that measures the body weight and height as pertinent.


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