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International Day of Midwives 2024

Updated: May 9

Midwives: A Vital Solution to the Climate, Advocacy, Sustainability

The Midwifery Society at Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) at United Arab Emirates lead by Dr Sumaya Al Blooshi - ENA President emphasized in the occasion of International Day of Midwives the crucial role of midwives in enhancing healthcare for mothers and children, thereby contributing to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality rates as well in ensuring quality care for women and newborns, particularly in reducing mortality and achieving development goals related to good health. As we celebrate #IDM2024, let’s applaud midwives and advocate for the changes needed to ensure a sustainable future for midwifery our planet. Join us to call for a future where continuity of midwife care is integral to climate-resilient health systems.

On the occasion of the International Day of Midwives, the society chair Khadija Mohamed Sulaiman Al Sulaimi highlighted the significance of this event, which is being celebrated in the United Arab Emirates and in lined with the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), we recognize that midwives are a vital solution in adapting health systems to climate change, and lowering carbon emissions overall. Midwives deliver safe and environmentally sustainable health services, help communities adapt to climate change and are first responders during climate disasters. As midwives workforce, our warming world needs, we need investment, resources, autonomy, recognition, and a seat at every decision-making table. It’s essential that our contributions are acknowledged, and our voices are heard in shaping policies and practices that support midwives to provide quality, reproductive, maternal, newborn and infant health, that are also sustainable for our planet.

The society also emphasizes the importance of this occasion in raising awareness about the midwifery profession and the challenges faced by midwives. They greatly appreciate the efforts of midwives in delivering healthcare services and providing guidance to pregnant women, as well as offering necessary care during childbirth and working towards reducing maternal and neonatal deaths.

Spread the Word!

Let’s make #IDM2024 memorable by sharing this toolkit far and wide. Whether you’re a midwife, advocate, or supporter, your involvement is crucial in showing that midwives are a vital climate solution.

Together, let’s advocate for investment, resources, and autonomy to integrate continuity of midwife care into health system planning for climate resilience.

Join us in celebrating IDM and advocating for a healthier planet and more sustainable communities.

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