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Ras Al Khaimah Community Towards Better Health

Primary health care, Ras Al Khaimah at Emirates Health Services-EHS in coordination with Emirates Nurses Association-ENA with the support of Al Royal school- Grade 2 and Grade 3 in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE conducted a community-based event under the theme of “towards better health “, on 9th of November 2023.

The activity involved a lot of activities, health education about Diabetes disease awareness, infection control and prevention measures, first aid stations on chocking, nose bleeding action measures to be taken (epistaxis), seizures. Also, vital signs and people from the community has been checked for random blood sugar activity which was carried out successfully.

The event targeted the school community where the students and the school faculty got involved with the event activities proactively and eagerly participated to contribute to the event. The event's objectives were to enrich the community with the necessary knowledge and skills with simple measures or actions taken or techniques for better health. 




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