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Thanah Campaign: 2023 ENA Initiative

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Emirates Nursing Association is inviting organizations, leaders, influencers, youths, ENA Society Leads and everyone all over the UAE to join the national tribute campaign titled as “Thanah: Thanks Sanad & Rahma”.

The campaign will be officially commenced on the 2023 International Nurses Day themed as “Our Nurses. Our Future”. All activities by registered partners and sponsors will be covered in the ENA website and social media channels.

Campaign Aims

  • To provide focus on nursing and midwifery profession.

  • To acknowledge nurses and midwives and their contributions to the delivery of healthcare services from community perspectives.

Campaign Activities by Sponsors and Partners

  • Say thank you for nurses and midwives in innovative ways.

  • Conduct Knowledge sharing events to shed light into nursing and midwifery profession.

  • Conduct community-focused health education and activities by nurses and midwives.

  • Conduct first aid activities by nurses and midwives.

  • Launch initiatives to award nurses and midwives

  • Volunteer to join the team providing insights on nursing and midwifery profession for school students.

Campaign #

# Thanah_UAE_Nurses

Campaign Period

12th - 19th May 2023

How to Get Involved from now?

  • Register as Campaign Sponsor

  • Register as Campaign Partner

  • Volunteer to Join the Campaign Organizing Team

  • Submit Your Suggestions for Campaign Activities

Apply Now

We would love you joining us and share your valued contribution with us.


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